Tuesday, 20 December 2022

20221220 Pallid Harrier, Warham Salt Marsh


20221220 Pallid Harrier
Warham Salt Marsh.
A happy bird with a full crop.

20221220 Pallid Harrier
All dark eye suggesting female.

20221220 Pallid Harrier
Outer tail feathers in moult or worn, cf September below.
Broad inner wing as of Hen but with a smaller 4 fingered hand.

20220915 Pallid Harrier
Holkham Fresh Marsh.

20220915 Pallid Harrier
Holkham Fresh Marsh

20221220 Pallid Harrier
Showing all 12 rectrices.

20221220 Hen Harrier
2 males over marsh.

Thursday, 15 December 2022

20221215 Marsh Harrier Orange ND, St Benet's Abbey

202212115 Whooper Swan
Part of flock of 18.

202211215 Marsh Harrier
ND was ringed near Cantley on 23.06.2020 and was one of two in thebrood, the other bird being a female.
A local Norfolk bird now in 3rd winter. Has been sighted at Titchwell, Fritton, 
Berney and Ludham Marshes.
An excusion to Saltfleet in Lincolnshire in September 2022 is the furthest sighting from
his E Norfolk home. Data supplied by PL.

20221215 Marsh Harrier
The CBuzzard was unphased by this attack and stayed put on perch.

20221215 CCrane
Family with 2 mature juveniles.

20221215 CCrane
16 birds on the marsh this evening, all got up and flew off NE,
the direction of the Stubbs Mill roost site...

20221215 Bewick's Swan
Sporting odd neck collar, alpha numeric in black with flanges...??

20221229 Marsh Harrier
1st winter juvenile type into Cley Roost.
Orange 4A.

Thursday, 8 December 2022

20221208 Hume's Yellow-browed Warbler, Brancaster seawall pool


20221208 Hume's Leaf Warbler
Pale base to lower mandible and pale cutting edges, not a mainly dark bill...
Noticable median covert bar...
Pale greenish mid-grey upperparts though.

20221208 Hume's Leaf Warbler
Loud calls repeated in bursts easily heards from across pool... as Yb Warbler.
Only 4 bursts heard very close in, one good for Hume's with a single 'deewoo' note in centre of series.
Other 3 busts as Yb Warbler to fool the big eared birder.
Greater coverts showed dark centres in all shots...

20221208 Hume's Leaf Warbler
Faint central crown stripe...

20111202 Hume's Leaf Warbler
First Hume's at Wyke Regis, Dorset.
Showed an all dark bill.

20111202 Hume's Leaf Warbler
Less green tones in upperparts than Brancaster bird.
This bird was located on call.

20221214 Gadwall
on ice Kelling WM.