Saturday 26 September 2020

20200926 Little Gull wreck, Grey Phalarope & Arctic Tern, Kelling WM

 The large water meadow South of Kelling Quags appears to have been sold to a 'wildlife trust',
a wish expressed by the owners!?!
Hopefully the NWT... and not the national dog park trust. 
Whether the NOA got involved is unclear.

20200926 Little Gull
Note black leading outer web of leading primary.
Great winds NW29-35 and sea-watch.

20200626 Little Gull
Loosing juvenile plumage.

20200626 Little Gull & Grey Phalarope

20200626 Grey Phalarope

20200928 Arctic Tern
Juvenile spent several days over water meadow.
Faster swoops to surface than Little Gulls.

20200928 Arctic Tern
No secondary bar and very compact.

20200828 Cetti's Warbler
Meadow Lane Kelling WM.
Juvenile bird with pinkish legs and short tail.
Ranks as my top Cetti's shot to date.

Kelling WMs is a great all-round bird site, aided by the freshwater flowing through it and the total absence of nature reserve paraphernalia.  
To secure the whole site the freshwater pool meadow will need to be obtained by a 'wildlife trust' from  Kelling Estate ownership...

20200928 Mediterranean Gull
Adult winter just offshore with Gull flock. A few Meds were wrecked on the WMeadow on 26th.

20200928 Sheringham RNLI
On search for missing persons today...

Friday 18 September 2020

20200918 Brown Shrike, Warham Greens


20200921 Brown Shrike
Early morning sun and ultimate bokeh.
The second bite of the cherry often produces results... artistically speaking...

20200930 Red-backed Shrike.
One eyed individual South of Pinewoods Caravan Park.

20200930 Eurasian Jay
Holkham Pines.

20120617 Red-backed Shrike
 Male of Dartmoor pair, the ultimate shot...?

Sunday 6 September 2020

20200906 White-winged Black Tern, Cantley Sugar Beet Factory


20200906 Cantley Sugar Beet Factory
SE Lagoon, Excellent site for waders, terns and wagtails...

20200906 White-winged Black Tern
Upperparts and head on.
Difficult flight shooting as bird zipped about. 
Best fix settings in Manual mode, except focusing and sort out exposure in Adobe back at base.

20200906 White-winged Black Tern

20200906 White-winged Black Tern

20200906 Ww Black tern
Underparts against sky.

20200906 Ww Black Tern
Underparts against water.

20200906 Ww Black Tern
Flew about hunting over lagoons all day until 1530hrs...

20200906 Peregrine Falcon
Family about tallest chimney.

20200906 Yellow Wagtail
Male Motacilla flava flava
Briefly passed lagoon with a flock of  c10 flavissima

20200906 Yellow Wagtail
Moved through with above bird.

20200906 Curlew Sandpiper
2 juveniles here and unaware of humanoids.