Friday 14 June 2019

20190614 Black Tern Arnold's Marsh

20190614 Black Tern
Rain on lens causing problems all morning...
Note worthy gonys angle on that bill.

20190614 Black Tern
Adult Summer with Sandwich Tern on fence posts.

20190614 Black Tern

20190614 Sandwich Tern
Pair bonding with gifts.
For size comparison.
20190616 Common Tern
On the same posts, Arnold's Marsh.

Wednesday 5 June 2019

20190605 Bird's-nest Orchid Holt Country Park

Bird's-nest Orchid
Growing in deep leaf litter under a heavy canopy of Beech trees. In an area where little light penetrates.
Note no green leaves.
The roost of the plant are densely matted and look like an untidy birds nest.

Bird's-nest Orchid
Saprophyte, without green chlorophyll but nourishes itself on decomposing leaf humus in partnership with a fungus whose filaments are attached to its roots and spread out through the humus.
Note not parasitic as Broomrape.

Sunday 2 June 2019

20190602 Cattle Egret Blakeney Freshmarsh

20190602 Cattle Egret
9 of flock of 11 adults attracted to cattle.
Bird top right appears to have leg flags..... see below

20190602 Cattle Egret
20190602 Cattle Egret 
It is thought that low morning light from the right has reflected off the hind toes of this bird.
This gives the impression of white flags attached to each tarsus....