Tuesday 28 November 2023

Friday 17 November 2023

20231117 Pallid Swift, Winterton on Sea


20231117 Winterton Church

20231117 Pallid Swift

20231117 Pallid Swift

20231117 Pallid Swift
Non symetrical tail moult...?

Tuesday 14 November 2023

20231114 Canvasback, Abberton Reservior Essex WTrust


20231114 Common Pochard
Female. Excellent to see massed flocks of this species here.

20231114 Great crested Grebe
1st winter, probably fishing tackle stuck in neck side, and adult winter.

20231114 Eurasian Coot
Raft of 1400 swam out from the B1026 causeway and were joined by rafts of Pochard...

20231114 Canvasback
Male located in active diving duck flock from B1026 causeway at 400m.
Of note for the Oly system user, able to freeze frame and check head and bill profile,  
relocating the bird after being lost in the mellee for 5mins.
15+ birders/twitchers with the latest mega scopes couldn't find it at this range within the active mass.

20231114 Canvasback
Shot from hide as the rain set in. In vangaurd of massed flotilla.
Excellent VC and trail these days... a trip down memory lane as last vistied sometime in the 70's.

20231114 Abberton Reservior from VC.
Diving duck and Coot raft can just be seen.

20231114 Abberton Reservior
Balcony for tea and cake to rival anything at Cley.

Wednesday 1 November 2023

20231101 Dusky Warbler, Flamborough Head


20231101 Dusky Warbler
Short and stubby primaries.

20231101 Dusky Warbler

20231103 Whooper Swan
11 flock in off N Sea onto Salthouse Marshes.

20231103 Whooper Swan
3 of 11.