Tuesday 20 December 2016

20161219 Ferruginous Duck RSPB Titchwell

Ferruginous Duck
Patsy's Reedbed Pool with Tufted Duck.
Note species has its own appendix 1a in Norfolk Report...

Ferruginous Duck
Darker feathering in belly indicate immature male.

Ferruginous Duck.
Clean white vent patch. Flanks paler and yellow to rear.

Ferruginous Duck
Minimal black nail area cf male Tufted
Ferruginous Duck
Male breeding plumage.
Blakeney wildfowl collection.

Ferruginous Duck
Female breeding plumage.
Blakeney wildfowl collection.

Norfolk Records Committee Description Submission Form


Species: Ferruginous Duck

Date/time first seen: 19/12/2016 1300hrs

Date/time last seen: 21/12/2016

No. of Birds: 1

Age/Sex: male

Location: RSPB Titchwell Patsy's Reedbed Pool


Finder: Tom Whiley

Email: tom.whiley@live.com

Identifier (if different):


Submitter (if different):


Other observers: Paul Eele, A Stoddart, S Gantlett.

Any who disagrees with identification? Nope...


Optical aids: 10x32 Bins, 840mm F5.6  E-M1 Olympus camera system

Distance from bird: 100-200m


Have you attached photographs? Yes

Was the bird videoed? No

If photos are available on websites then please give address: tomwhileybirdart.blogspot.co.uk,

Cleybirds.com, Birdguides.com

Have the photographs been published in magazines? If so, where: Birdwatch


Species present for comparison: Tufted Duck, Gadwall

Which species were alongside the bird: Tufted Duck, Gadwall

Observer(s) experience of the species: Many in BIsles from 1980

Observer(s) experience of similar species on the same day or previously:


Weather : Overcast dull

Wind direction and Force: SW light

Light conditions (good, dull, etc & sun behind, side etc): dull and grey

Visibility (distance): very good but dull, murky at horizon.


Address of submitter:

2 Regents Close


Norfolk NR25 6SJ


Phone No: 07968 490444,    01263 713902


And finally, is the record 100% certain? Yes.... ref description for debate....

In your description please include the following:

1. Circumstances of finding the bird (if applicable) but keep it brief

2. Plumage, bare parts etc and call (if possible)

3. Jizz (that ‘indefinable something’ about the way it behaved)


See shots attached.

The bird was new in with 10 more Tufted duck and a hybird Scaup x Tufted on the 19th to Patsy's Reedbed pool.

Many shots taken as hybrid issues needed to be rulled out.

Paul Eele and myself studied the shots on the back of my camera and felt the bird did not show any hybrid features.

I was concerned that the flanks paled slightly to the rear but this is ok for male Ferrus Duck in litt.


The bird flew a short distance allowing the flight shot and revelling a white mottled brown belly patch isolated by ferrus brown plumage indicating an immature male.

During further consultation the black nail area on the bill was thought to be too large for a genuine Ferrus Duck by The Stodd, indicting previous hybrid issues being bred out...

Others and a local 'authority on ducks' commented this was within normal parameters for the species...??

The birds origin is obviously suspect as with all wildfowl on the North Norfolk Coast which is a sad situation all round. I see in the 2017 Report the species has its own Appendix 1a!??

The bird is still present at NOA Holme to the 16th January at least.

 Record accepted as genuine duck!

20161219 Hybrid GScaup x Tufted Duck
Patsy's Reedbed Pool.
Female with darker back than flanks and small face patch all as Tufted, 
but bill and head shape as Scaup.

Sunday 4 December 2016

20161204 Great Black-backed Gull JC499 NT Blakeney Point

GBB Gull
JC499 1st winter.

GBB Gull
CR-Code Black ring with white code: JC499 LBM;RBNW(JC499)
Ringing Centre Stavanger Museum (Norway) Ring number 3050199
Species Great Black-backed Gull  Larus marinus
Sex Unknown Age Pullus

25.06 2016
Kalvøysund, Arendal, Aust-Agder, Norway
58°32'23"N 008°58'53"E
Lome, Carsten
04.12 2016
Blakeney Point, Norfolk, Great Britain
52°58'43"N 000°58'45"E
Whiley, Tom