Saturday 30 September 2023

20230930 Blue-winged Teal, Tophill Low Nature Res, Yorkshire Water.


20230930 Garganey
Female type foreground and probable male eclipse.
Excellent reserve for duck ID.

20230930 Blue-winged Teal
Female foreground with thinly and broken white tips to greater coverts.
Eclipse male at rear. Note solid darker crown.
Both have split pale eyerings not seen on Gargeney or Teal.

20230930 Blue-winged Teal
Male chased female and showed white bar to greater coverts and stroger turquoise green

20230930 Blue-winged Teal
Semi-spatulate bill more so than Gargeney's and a nod towards Shoveler's

20230930 Blue-winged Teal
Male showing full wing pattern.
Very broad white greater coverts bar.

20230930 Eurasian Teal

19890919 Blue-winged Teal
First find of American Duck at Brandon Marsh.
From greater coverts pattern probably a female...
BritIsles List 231, those were the days...? Conservation of a small reserve in the midlands.

Friday 22 September 2023

20230922 Magnolia Warbler, St Govan's Head Pembrokeshire National Park


20230923 Magnolia Warbler Dendroica magnolia
Hawthorn clump over stone ruins.

20230923 Magnolia Warbler
Diagnostic yellow mid-rump band.

20230923 Magnolia Warbler

20230925 Magnolia Warbler
Black upper breast streak emerging as of male.

20230925 Magnolia Warbler
Pointed tips to tail feathers indicate 1st year bird.
Also smaller white blobs on inner tail feathers, apart from the central pair, indicate a 1st year.

Thursday 7 September 2023

20230907 Brown Booby, Tees Mouth Cleveland


20230909 Brown Booby Sula leucogaster
Adult Female.

20230909 Brown Booby
Translucent glassey eyes appeared not to have an iris...

20230709 Brown Booby

20230830 Norfolk Dun Booby...

20230907 Brown Booby
Bird in bag by 1000hrs, but distant views on shipping channel buoys from North Gare Sands.
Better from South Gare Breakwater in background.
Bird would drop off buoy and join Gull feeding melees in Tees Mouth.

20230909 Brown Booby

20230909 Brown Booby
As with all pelecaniforms, sulids have totipalmate feet, all four toes joined with copious webbing.
The short inner 'hind' toes nail is obscured by feathers.

20230909 Brown Booby

20230916 Northern Gannet
Moribund juvenile Blakeney Spit. Is this avian flu...?
Inner small fourth toe with webbing.

Monday 4 September 2023

20230904 Forster's Tern, Arne Dorset


20230904 Forster's Tern

20230904 Forster's Tern
Pale orange legs & feet with darker tarsus.

20230904 Forster's Tern

20230902 White tailed Sea Eagle
Arne Bay with Poole in background.
The bird in flight appeared in all shots not to have a right foot...