Tuesday 28 March 2023

20230328 Long-billed Dowitcher & Water Pipit, NWT Cley Marshes still...

20230328 Lb Dowitcher
Dwafed by Blt Godwit & Avocet.

20230328 Lb Dowitcher
Size as CSnipe.

20230328 Lb Dowitcher
Classic pose between continual stitching.


20230326 Water Pipit
Extreme pre-breeding moult, palest bird ever seen.....

20230328 Long-billed Dowitcher & Ruff

20230410 Lb Dowitcher
Pats, in thunder storm.

20230501 Long-billed Dowitcher
Ist summer now Showing signs of breeding plumage in underparts.

Monday 20 March 2023

20230320 Alpine Swift, Sheringham & Cromer


20230412 Alpine Swift 
Beeston Bump

20230412 Alpine Swift
Beeston Bump

20230320 Alpine Swift
2 birds over Sheringham, one of which was rescued from the balcony of The Burlington Hotel...

20230324 Alpine Swift
2 favouring Cromer GC.

Friday 17 March 2023

20230317 Black Redstart, Weybourne Beach


20230317 Black Redstart

20230317 Black Redstart
Excellent specimen.

20230317 Black Redstart
Female but showing some blackish feathering in flanks.
Pair turned up on light Southerly winds.

Monday 13 March 2023

20230313 Great White Egret, Cley Marshes & SculMoor


20230313 Great White Egret
Bird in breeding plumage with frog.

20230313 Spoonbill
Lift off but not into NFWood...

20230313 GWEgret
Both birds into roost NFWood.

20230318 Great White Egret
Condition eggs, SculMoor.
2nd bird on the reserve shows only shorter scapular  plumes of breeding condition..??

Tuesday 7 March 2023

20230307 Herring Gull argentatus & Eastern Common Gull, NWT Cley Marshes. Med Gull, Thornage


2 strickingly dark backed birds.
Gray primary tongues show clearly on both birds.

KGS value?

20230225 argentatus Herring Gull
Note larger nostril of this hefty bird.

20230306 Common Gull
Some features of heinei, but eastern cline better...
Streaked hood not helpful.
Note pale iris and yellow in bill and legs.

20230306 Common Gull

20230306 Common Gull
Much black in wing tip...

20230301 Herring Gull
4th summer bird and as argenteus, small primary tips and slim build, but with plae yellow legs....??
Thornage. Muck spreeding on fields. 

20230301 Med Gull 
2 adults with 2000 BHGull, Thornage.

20230302 BHGull
2000 on plough.

20230303 Med Gull
Pair still, Thornage.