Saturday 26 March 2022

20220326 Bonaparte's Gull Cantley Sugar Beet Factory


20220326 Little Gull
1st winter. Focus tracking good in sunlight.

20220326 Bonaparte's Gull
Adult winter. Upperpart grey cf BHGull to right.
Briefly reappered on clods largest lagoon.

20220326 Bonaparte's Gull & Little Gull
Zoomed about flycatching.

20220326 Bonaparte's Gull & BHGull
Upperparts grey a notch darker than BHG's.
1/2000th sec flight shots, but the focus tracking did not track well.

Monday 21 March 2022

20220321 Little Bunting Kelling Heath


20220322 Little Bunting

20220322 Little Bunting
Bird with clean eye-ring.

20220322 Little Bunting
Bird with broken eye-ring had blacker lateral crown stipes and browner face.

20220321 Little Bunting
One of the first shots on 21st.
Golden honour of the hammer and sickle has been bestowed on the finder for exceptional skill.

20220321 Little Bunting

20220321 Little Bunting
Going to roost in Hawthorn clump.

20200322 Little Bunting
Near bird with broken eye-ring showed more contrast in face pattern.
The birds spent the most time feeding in this stubble strip.
Rumours from the jungle club suggest a pair were seen on the Heath in April...

Saturday 12 March 2022

20220312 Baikal Teal, Swine Moor, Beverley


20220312 Baikal Teal
By the afternoon the bird had settled down in its favoured spot.
British Lifer 440, and so to The Feathers, KGB.

20220312 Baikal Teal
Didn't associate with the  massed ETeal but kept behind the EWigeon flock.
Adult male in full breeding plumage.

20220314 Chiffchaff
Spring has sprung!

20220312 Baikal Teal & Eurasian Teal

20220212 Wildlife disturbance again.
The morning didn't start well as a mad dog ran through the whole water meadow...??
Baikal Teal in flight somewhere in this shot.
Not only was the peace of the countryside shattered by the dogs owners but the level and content of
 abuse from burley northern twitchers was excellent...

Tuesday 8 March 2022

20220308 N Goshawk, Cockthorpe Airfield


20220308 NGoshawk
1st winter female type.
Face and crown showed greyer on this bird.

20220308 NGoshawk
White supercilium can just be seen.
 Paler Juvenile mottling on greater and median coverts show as wing panels here.