Tuesday 23 January 2018

20180123 Injured Hen Harrier RSPB Titchwell and Kestrel

Hen Harrier
Injured male picked up from the A149  roadside East of Wells having crawled out of a field.
RTA or shot as one wing damaged.
Bird boxed up and taken to RSPCA East Winch.
The bird unfortunately died during surgery, one wing badly damaged so most likely an RTA...
The x-ray did not show up any shot in the bird, only collision damage to one wing.

Hunting, as all raptors should be observed.
Confiding pair showing well about the reserve today.
For Sale Kestrel Field sketch
3 juveniles at Berry Head 4 July 1993.
20180128 Barn Owl RTA
Another apex predator cops it due to the excessively high numbers of vehicles on North Norfolks lanes.
Being a county with some wildlife left a high amount of road kills is always evident.
Bird appeared to have been hit and squarely run over near to the Holt Cemetery.
Thanks to 40Fc Dave for collecting it.

Wednesday 3 January 2018

20171213 For Sale Gyrfalcon oil painting

18th March 2000, Pentire Point Cornwall.
Oil on acrylic for sale in local gallery, £395.00
White morph juvenile of Greenland race
One of many field studies taken on the great day.