Monday 27 February 2017

20170227 Black-tailed Godwit L-YN/W

Black-tailed Godwit L-YN/W
RSPB Titchwell 27th Feb 2017.
islandica race colour ringed as adult female at Holbeach 2002 09 09.
She is now over15 years old and was recorded here in August 2005 but mainly winters at Cley. Although this winter up until now has been spent on the Dee Estuary Cheshire.
She is in Northern Iceland for June and July to breed.
2 months in Iceland is long enough for anybody....
Black-tailed Godwit BRY-LL
Cley 13th Aug 2016 for comparison.
limosa race colour ringed as chick, Netherlands 2015 05 14.
Now 3 years old passes through Cley and found to winter in Portugal.

Monday 13 February 2017

20170213 Red-crested Pochard RSPB Titchwell

Red-crested Pochard
3 male and 2 female on Paty's Reedbed Pool and ready for the breeding season.
Five pairs bred at Titchwell in 2015.
Birds not seen during winter until this week.

Red-crested Pochard.
Favours dabbling with head submerged but will also dive.