Tuesday 9 November 2021

20211109 KGB Wild Goose Chase, Pink-foot VDA and Tundra Bean, Bircham Newton & Salthouse


20211109 Pink-footed Goose
Grey VDA in family of 4. Flock c3000 strong nr Bircham Newton.
WWT data requested...

20211109 Tundra Bean Goose
Reddish orange bill patch and faint bill rim.

20211109 Tundra Bean Goose
Fuller head and heavier body than Pinks.

20211109 Red Kite
...then there were Kites at dusk....

20211116 Pink-footed Goose
Bird in full-on Whiffle.
Most birds steadily loose height by gliding in on relalxed wings and feet down, some just have to 

20211119 Tundra Bean Goose
Salthouse Marshes, with 2000 Pinks.

20211119 Russian White-fronted Goose

20211119 Tundra Bean Goose
Restricted orange band on bill, rather than an extensive orange flash as in Taiga.
Inner wing coverts pale brown, primary coverts are grey.

20211119 Tundra Bean Goose

20211120 Pink-footed Goose
Wing stretch showing pale grey inner wing coverts to compare with Beans pale brown above.

20211211 Pink-footed Goose
Head detail of injured bird on Simmonds.
Average amount of pink bill flash on this bird. A few birds show a small band as in Tundra
Bean, and a very few show an almost completely pink bill with a black nail.

Tuesday 2 November 2021

20211102 Common Tern & Caspian Gull RSPB Titchwell


20211102 Common tern..??
Short legs and bill, well hooded, but bill not wholly black at advanced juv stage..?
Wet belly feathers obscuring leg length...
Upper tertial has moulted to pale grey.

White secondaries,
short legged again in this shot.

Secondaries darker than ideal and obsured by edge of greater coverts...
Minimal black on primary tips suggest Arctic but Common may have faided by this late date...
Brown-grey tones in upperparts and necky look suggest Common...
Blackish outer tail feathers on both species juvenile stage.

Overall white wing and rump...

20211102 Caspin Gull
Large Gull roost developed on Freshmarsh.