Monday 29 September 2014

20140921 Masked Shrike. Red-breasted Flycatcher. Jack Snipe. Spurn

Masked Shrike. Juvenile plumage, overal very white bird with gery and black markings.
Showed up well against hedge and at distance.

Size comparison with Great Tit. Without tail length body of bird is about the size of a Great Tit.

Clean white breast as 1st winter but retaining much barring on flanks.
Pale orange wash to right flank only.

Cracking little bird. Performed well but would not move along hedgerow towards the twitch...
Red-breasetd Flycatcher. 1st autumn bird as pale tipped greater coverts and tertials well edged.
Black and white tail pattern showing.
Jack Snipe. From hide.
Snipe. From hide for comparison.

Wednesday 10 September 2014

20140905 NWT Cley Res Vol. Wryneck. Brian the Return.

Brain on the North Bank, back on the charge.

Wryneck on East Bank path.

Wryneck. Fed happily despite birders either side of it.

Wryneck. Bird flew into reed just opposite my position on the path. Peach.