Sunday 27 November 2022

20221127 Yellow-browed Warbler, Stiffkey

20221127 Yellow-browed Warbler
Shaded olive-green upperparts.

20221127 Yellow-browed Warbler


Tuesday 22 November 2022

20221122 Grey Wagtail with BTO ring, Cley Marshes.


20221122 Grey Wagtail
1st winter bird.
BTO ring ...Y26...
Difficult species to catch as they can see the mist nets.

20221122 Grey Wagtail
Most likely ARY2604 rung on 15th September at Walsey Hills.
Information kindly supplied by the NOA's ringer on advise from the ever watchful CBC recorders.

20221129 Footpath up to The Hangs
Now fenced in on both sides.
So much so for permissive paths...
The real state of the countryside.

Monday 14 November 2022

20221114 Dusky Warbler, Blakeney Spit

20221114 Dusky Warbler
Calling frequently but in the open habitat here sounded quiet and subdued.

20221114 Dusky Warbler
Leggy and front heavey Pitta posture on deck.

20221114 Dusky Warbler
Frequent slow rolling wing flicks and tail dips.

20221114 Dusky Warbler
Flycatching on shingle.


20221114 Chiffchaff
3 abietinus about the point.
No lime green edges  to remiges and dark ear-coverts.

20221114 Chiffchaff

20221114 Chiffchaff
White throat and pale breasted bird as above.

20221114 Black Redstart
3 birds about the point.

Friday 11 November 2022

20211111 Red kite roost, Mid norfolk


20201107 Red Kite
Nr Docking from a Chilterns tagging project...?
Note carrion in tree.

20221111 Red Kite
Pre-roost gathering of juveniles.
Paler vents and blackish sub terminal band in tail.

20221111 N Goshawk
Juvenile bird.
Flew directly through soaring Red Kite flock and off West just before sunset.

20221111 Red Kite
Adult bird, rufous vent and no band in tail.

20221111 Red Kite
97 birds into roost this evening! Numbers had been building over last few weeks but then within 
2 week had dropped back to about 25 birds....??

20221104 Red Kite
Pre-roost gathering, c45 birds in this evening.

Saturday 5 November 2022

20221105 Cattle Egret, Mid-Norfolk

20221105 Cattle Egret
Over wintering in Norfolk...

20221105 Cattle Egret
Onto Angus.

20221105 Cattle Egret

20221105 Common Buzzard