Monday 13 January 2020

20200113 Pink-footed, Tundra Bean & White-fronted Geese Langham. 20191230 Taiga Bean Goose Buckenham Marshes

20200113 Pink-footed Goose
TKP with 4000 on harvested beet field. No other collared birds in immediate area.

20200113 Pink-footed Goose
TKP on white collar.

20200113Tundra Bean Goose
2 adults with adopted 1st winter White-fronted Goose.
Seen on the 15th also and in the same area of ex-beet field.

20200113 Russian White-fronted Goose
5 birds arrived late.

20200113 Russian White-fronted Goose

20200115 Pink-footed Goose
UHV on silvery grey collar. Metal ring number not known....?
Data so far:
Grey neck collar with code UHV
Metal ring no .
Ringed 1/12/16 as an adult male at Martin Mere WWT (Lancs)?
Movements Cley Marshes 22/11/19.
20191230 Taiga Bean Goose
3 of 6 birds about the marsh.
Flew up with Pink-foot flock but kept separate and landed near the favoured pipes,
 the Pink-foot flock settled on Cantley Marshes

Saturday 4 January 2020

20191207 Whooper Swan, North Point Pools. 20200104 Cley Marhses 20191228 Bewick's Swan Chooseley

20191207 Whooper Swan
Before sunrise, North Point Pools Wells.
5 adults and 5 1st winters.
20191207Whooper Swan
Flew on West just after sunrise.

20200104 Whooper Swan 
 Group of 4 adults Pat's Pool Cley.

20200104 Whooper Swan
4 birds on Pat's all afternoon.

20191228 Bewick's Swan
10 birds SW and one out of frame.
Note Greylag Goose with migrants here...