Thursday 21 February 2019

20190221 Glaucous Gull on seal carcass

Glaucous Gull
By Sea Pool Salthouse.

Glaucous Gull
Long staying1st winter bird.

Wednesday 6 February 2019

20190206 Northern Goshawk in NE Norfolk

20190211 Northern Goshawk
First record shot of Goshawk leaving conifer plantation.
Deep chest and bowed wings.
20190211 Northern Goshawk nest from past years.
20190311 Northern Goshawk
20190311 Northern Goshawk
1st year bird as quite brown overall and buff on underparts.
20190311 C Buzzard
Pair in aerial acrobatics. Goshawk in area with these 2 but no interaction seen.
19910818 Goshawk over Draycote Water...
Or was it?
20190311 Northern Goshawk
Hoped for breeding evidence in the area, but no young seen latter in year.

Monday 4 February 2019

20190101 Holt Pig Farm Bird Survey and The Year of the Pig.

20190209 Chinese Year of the Pig
To celebrate this a survey of a Pig Farm has been undertaken.
Chinese brush painting kindly supplied by Beverley Whiley.

20190121 Yellow-legged Gull
Loafing in adjacent field.

20190121 Yellow-legged Gull and Ruff

20190201 Brown Hare
Abundant in and around Pig Farm, 3 here lying up in adjacent field.
20190203 Common Buzzard
8 birds soaring over Pig Farm today in a clear blue sky and light wind.
20190128 Ruff
Part of a flock of 14, more waders than currently at Cley Marshes...
20190221 Green Sandpiper
Finally captured ultimate pig farm shot of this flighty bird.

20190217 Red Kite
Pair mating on territory within the Estate.
20190218 Red Kite.
Very faint and thin call, piping and drawn out.
20190310 Egyptian Goose
A pair visited the pig fields today in heavy rain. A new species for the site.
Showed interest in pig trough but not seen to take a pellet.
4 Shelduck recorded at rear of pig arch field also new for the site,