Tuesday 26 April 2022

20220426 Yellow-browed Warbler in NE Norfolk in spring


20220426 Yellow-browed Warbler
Spring bird! Frequently calling and with bursts of song.
Continually active in canopy but not as frenetic as regulus.
Less yellow in Supercilium and wing-bars than in 1st autumn birds, see below.
 Show as off white here.

20220426 Yellow-browed Warbler
Dull green crown with hint of paler crown stripe.
Hint of yellowish tint to underparts.
Appears to show white outer-tail feathers even though bird in shade.

20220426 Yellow-browed Warbler
Lit from above appears to show white outer tail feathers...??
Located on Sharp 'tseep' call.
Song started as call followed by 3 stutter notes... not too impressive.

20191005 Yellow-browed Warbler
1st winter bird.

20191005 Yellow-browed Warbler
Artist hightened impression, in strongly lit veg, is of a striking yellow and olive green bird in 
1st autumn. Not so in adult summer plumage.

Thursday 21 April 2022

20220421 Eurasian Beaver Sculthorpe Moor Hawk & Owl Trust


20220422 Excellent dykes through woodland.
Prime Beaver habitat.

20220422 The enclosure is ready.

20220421 Release day for re-wilding project.

20220421 2 boxes one male, one female.

20220421 1st Beaver walks down straight into pool.

20220421 Some tail.

20220421 Happily swam around and looked around pool with onlookers.

20220421 Tail slapping demonstration.

20220421 2nd Beaver stood on bank eyeing captors.

20220421 Then walks into pool.

Aslo swam around then went off down channel into woodland following the 1st Beaver.
Release over.
The strangest event I have ever witnessed in conservation....

20220421 Eurasian Beaver
Braod flat head and body.
This is not an Otter.

20220421 Grey Wagtail
What effect will all this have on the Avifauna beside the river Wensum...??

Friday 15 April 2022

20220415 White-tailed Eagle, Selbrigg Pond Holt


20220415 White-tailed Eagle
Soared up from back of Selbrigg Pond and off towards Kelling.
Young female of last year, G486 2021

20220415 White-tailed Eagle
Note Txer lump on back.

20220415 White-tailed Eagle

20220415 White-tailed Eagle
Griffon Vulture upperparts apart from near white tail...

Saturday 2 April 2022

20220402 Stone Curlew, NE Norfolk


20220402 Stone Curlew
Displaying bird.

20220402 Sone Curlew
Pair showing nesting behaviour.

20220402 Brown Hare