Monday 17 September 2018

20180917 Caspian Gulls Sheringham Beach

Caspian Gull
Classic juvenile.

Lurked down steps onto beach to photograph a 2nd winter Caspian Gull and came upon (face to face with) this Juvenile bird. Arguably the ultimate juv Caspo shot on shingle...!?
Bare parts: Bill brownish black with paler marbling. Longer straighter and thinner than Herrings with shallow gonys angle. Eye black and set high in head on this bird.
Legs paler pink than nearby Herring with hint of yellow mid tarsus. Longer and thinner with more tibia length also.
Head and body: Off white base tone, whitest on forehead with dense obvious streaking on nape and breast sides. White hanging hind belly to vent noticeable. Small headed and high chested.
Upperparts: Obvious tertial step and solid brown in tone with only white tips. Greater coverts strongly white tipped . Scapulars and mantle moving towards 1st winter with anchor shapes appearing. Striking white rump and black brown tail band seen in flight.

Friday 7 September 2018

20180907 Booted Warbler Lowestoft Denes

Booted Warbler
Bird frequently raised crown as in most following shots.

Booted Warbler
The bird stayed faithful to this end clump of tamarisk.
The sea wall provided the twitch with an ideal platform.
Booted Warbler
Paler outer weds on outer tail feathers.
Booted Warbler
Long claws noticeable on darker grey feet compared to dull pink legs, but not really booted...

Booted Warbler 
Immerged with large fly.

Booted Warbler
Head on hippo look but with white breast in belly standing out in sunlight.
Squared off iduna shaped tail with notch in centre cf accros.

Booted Warbler
Flushing away note tail shape and paler outer web of outer tail feathers.
Overall greyer milky tea-coloured upperparts should set all alarm bells ringing.

Tuesday 4 September 2018

20180904 Great White Egret RSPB Titchwell

Great White Egret
Fishing technique demonstrated on Patsy's Reedbed Pool.
Much leaping about and foot stirring of the substrate to flush out fish. 

Great White Egret
The bird has been regularly feeding here for over two weeks.

Great White Egret
Major success! The fish is a Common Rudd, red fins and green and golden body.
Image from RAW
Great White Egret
Image from in camera jpeg
Great White Egret
Neck expanded to at least twice its normal width as the fish slowly went down.