Saturday 22 April 2023

20230422 Bar-tailed Godwit, Eye Field Cley Marshes


20230422 Bar-tailed Godwit
A rare cr Bar-tailed. Adult Female...

20230422 Bar-tailed Godwit

20230422 Bar-tailed Godwit & Ruff
Flock of c40.

20230422 Bar-tailed Godwit
Built for speed and long distance migration.

Friday 21 April 2023

20230421 Baltic Gull, Hunstanton


20230421 Baltic Gull
Not able to shoot bird fully side on due to fence....
Small bird cf Herring Gull and short legged. Probable female.
Upperparts of argenteus Herring Gull's 4-5 KodakGS.
Excellent head shape here.

20230421 Baltic Gull
Neat domed head and wasted lower mandible with weak gonys angle.

20230421 Baltic Gull
Longer mirror than ideal.
All black underside of primaries.
Compact flight profile.
Grey cloud and overcast with rain, ENE17.

20230421 Baltic Gull
Balanced on HGulls upperparts, 4 KGScale.
Also exposure accurate for confiding Oyke.... as black as black!

20230421 Baltic Gull
Lf graellsii to left of shot.

Tuesday 18 April 2023

20230418 Raven, Holkham Park


20230418 C Raven
Monument nest site.

20230418 C Raven

20230429 Raven

20230429 Raven
Juveniles fledged to nearby tree.

20230429 Holkham Monument

20230427 C Raven
2 juvs raised.

20230427 C Raven
Adult in inner primary wing moult.

20230410 Mandarin Duck
Selbrigg Pond.

Saturday 1 April 2023

20230401 Barn Owl & Marsh Harrier, NNCoast


20230104 Barn Owl

20230104 Continental Cormorant
Sculthorpe Moor.
Adult sinensis.
But what of the imm. bird...

20230326 Barn Owl
 NWT Cley Marshes.

20230401 Barn Owl
North Point Pools.

20230401 Marsh Harrier
Stiffkey Fen. Eyeing Moorhen by dyke.

20230401 Marsh Harrier
Female orange LH, Holkham Freshmarsh.