Monday, 1 June 2020

20200531 Squacco Heron & Otter, Bayfield Lake

20200531 Squacco Heron
Great views in full breeding plumage.

20200513 Squacco Heron
Glam-punk shot.

20200531 Otter
Glided by in less than a metre depth of river channel whilst waiting for the Squoc to fly up from lake side.
Too large for 1200mm and was unconcerned with human presence.

20200531 Otter
20200531 Squacco Heron
Back on favourite perch at the lakeside.
20200531 Otter

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

20200527 Blyth's Reed Warbler, Walsey Hills

  • Mark Golley's recording. Bird found by Chris Goodie.
  •  Bird sang all day tiggering the locals to reply, the Hills alive with song and calls this morning.
  • Repeated mimicked phrase, 3 or more times with Reed like 'tjrr' and 'taks' between. As good as Nightingale in most phrases? Quieter machinegun like, nasal, buzzing churrs also between mimicked phrases. Quieter arppegio rises infrequently used, are these diagnostic?
  •  Bird in loud and full song at head hight and 4m away in bushes, still could not be located. Seen to flit about 4 times, therefore no ID shots...
  • Fine weather for overnight flying, here one day only.
  • See also bird at Beer head, 1st June:
20200527 Reed Warbler
Bird in song at North Point Pools earlier in the morning.
If only the Blyth's had shown half as well...
Note the supercilium stops at the eye-ring and the flanks are a warm yellow ochre.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

20200521 The Walsey Hills Hedge

20200521 Walsey Hills end.
5m on west side of hedge removed.
Removed in mid May...??
Making way for fencing, hunting and shooting...?
RSPB survey on game shooting; I guessed at 10 million gamebirds dumped in the British countryside...
Turns out its over 57 million?! Its rumoured 20% in TG04.

20200521 The Hangs end.
10m metres wide hedge removed leaving thin strip of Alexander.
How many Whitethroat nest were wiped out?
How has this helped our carbon footprint and re-wilding of the Cley Square?

20140423 Walsey Hills from The Hangs
A lush and wide hedge in late April 2014... now no more??
20130922 Red-backed Shrike
Frequented the hedge for several days in autumn of 2013.
Many birds first landfall in the Hills are relocated up this hedge line.
20181012 Redstart
Autumn migrant deep in the hedgerow.
20181012 Red-legged Partridge
Here is part of the issue, gamebirds on the footpath beside hedgerow and avoiding the guns.
11 of 57million dumped in the countryside each autumn.... 

Thursday, 21 May 2020

20200520 Black Swan. Australasia comes to NNorfolk Coast

20200520 Black Swan
From Cley Village over the beach.
Concern over the dark tips forming band to remiges...

20200520 Black Swan
Newley arrived from a boating lake in Skeggy.
20200521 Black Swan
Decked at Kelling Water meadows. 

20200521 Black Swan
Much pale edging in upperparts and lack of white sub-terminal band on bill indicates 1st summer birds.

20200521 Black Swan 
Black trail edge to secondaries and black crescents on primaries show in preening shot.

Saturday, 9 May 2020

20200506 Government imposed Golley-esque birding walks

  • This normally encompasses 3 villages, 4 reserves and 2 country estates... return home with jelly legs.
  • On the plus side many large and scarce birds seen in flight, GWEgret, Spoonbill, SEOwl and falcons, over and landing in normally heavily disturbed areas.
  • Large Mammals also in evidence and again in unexpected areas usually over run with dog walkers.  
  • Many clicks of empty shoot managed farmland, all in need of re-wilding...
  • No real grilling of species... 
  • Had to bike ride to cross-train for this. Getting fit!?  
  • Takes up too much time.
  • Wildlife crime by landowners is frequently uncovered...
  • Conclusions: Upgraded gears grip shifts on bike...

20200403 Merlin
Male off Little Eye Salthouse Marshes.

20200403 Merlin
Classic side profile of this small and compact falcon.

20200506 Arctic Tern
2 birds in Blakeney Harbour along with feeding flock of 40 Commons over main channel.

20200506 Whimbrel
Good passage this spring.
This bird feeding on small crabs in Morston's saltmarsh.

20200507 WoodSanpiper
Bright and spangled upperparts for breeding.
 Also brighter olive green legs than in autumn. But see shot of Green below.
20200507 Wood Sanpiper
2 breeding plumaged birds on Swan Lake.
Photographic problem with heat haze.

20150409 Green Sandpiper
April bird in 2015 from Daukes. Green has it due to the clean white eye-ring and overall contrast in breeding plumage.
Neat head and neck pattern.
20101012 Solitary Sandpiper
At the then new and great Seaton Marshes Reserve in 2010.
Although this is an autumn juvenile and not a spring adult ideally.
Shots shows heavily barred tail sides and faintly barred upper flank sides, clean on Green.

20101012 Solitary Sandpiper
Yellowish-green legs.

20101012 Solitary Sandpiper
Primary projection beyond tail, only just in Green.
20200520 Black Swan
Walking through Cley Village 2 rather odd Swans appeared going east over the beach...

20200520 Black Swan
20200520 The Watchers House
Now empty and peaceful, and surrounded by Thrift.
20200520 Large Gull sp.
300 plus on beach beside poorly fenced and un-wardened Little Tern colony.
Gulls very spooky as if aware of direct control....
Less than 20 LTs in area

Thursday, 30 April 2020

20200323 Northern Goshawk, Woodlark, Firecrest & other birds of the forrest NE Norfolk

20200323 N Goshawk
Female in slow flapping territorial flight.

20200323 N Goshawk
Female tale flagging during territorial flight.

20200410 N Goshawk
Possible pair interaction over clearing, both flagging.
Immature female calling and chasing male but she may be an imposter...

20200410 N Goshawk
Female showing near juvenile upperparts in 1st summer plumage.

20200410 N Goshawk
Size and bulk differences between the sexes.

20200410 N Goshawk
Females underparts as juvenile bird in first summer.

20200416 Firecrest
Fainter tertial tips and brighter green back than Goldcrest.

20200416 Firecrest
Thought to be a female, but is that a slight orange tone on forehead and forecrown?
A male was in song nearby...

20200416 Firecrest
No further signs until male found here on territory again on 8th May, see below.

20200508 Firecrest
Male in prolonged song again at 1623hrs and favouring a holly bush. 22 days since last encounter.

20200414 Woodlark
Male in song at edge of clearing. The best I've heard from Woodlark, included a high and lengthy song flight.
20200410 Woodlark
Males favoured song post near to nest site.
20200427 European Robin
Along with Goldcrest and Woodpigeon one of the most abundant species in the forrest. 
20200427 N Goshawk kill.
Recently plucked Woodpigeon by main track through forrest.

20200427 Eurasian Nuthatch

20200422 Treecreeper
With nesting material at entrance to crevice behind loose bark.
Treecreeper nest material behind loose flap of bark in a dead tree trunk. 
The current nest is being constructed above this old one and this very loose flap.
20200430 Woodlark
Pair gathering spiders to feed young in nest...

20200430 Woodlark
Bird with full bill checked around and above for predators before moving to nest site.

20200517 Nightjar
At least one pair in clearing so far.
Male churring away on low perch.