Saturday, 8 February 2020

20200103 The Venue Art Workshop 2020

Aims of Wildlife & Landscape Painting course:

Improve field observation and sketching.
Keeping a sketching Diary.
Accuracy and illustration.
Application of  painting theory & techniques.
Construction and composition of wildlife and landscape paintings.
Planning and painting the masterpiece, 4 dimensions on a 2 dimensional surface...

Friday, 7 February 2020

20200207 Hooded Crow Wiveton

20200207 Hooded Crow
Loosely associated with other corvids.
The bird has been observed taking pig pellets and perching on the pigs backs. 

20200207 Hooded Crow
Was independently mobile and wide ranging.
Spooked easily along with Jackdaws.

Monday, 13 January 2020

20200113 Pink-footed, Tundra Bean & White-fronted Geese Langham. 20191230 Taiga Bean Goose Buckenham Marshes

20200113 Pink-footed Goose
TKP with 4000 on harvested beet field. No other collared birds in immediate area.

20200113 Pink-footed Goose
TKP on white collar.

20200113Tundra Bean Goose

2 adults with adopted 1st winter White-fronted Goose.

Seen on the 15th also and in the same area of ex-beet field.

20200113 Russian White-fronted Goose
5 birds arrived late.

20200113 Russian White-fronted Goose

20200115 Pink-footed Goose
UHV on silvery grey collar. Metal ring number not known....?
Data so far:
Grey neck collar with code UHV
Metal ring no .
Ringed 1/12/16 as an adult male at Martin Mere WWT (Lancs)?
Movements Cley Marshes 22/11/19.
20191230 Taiga Bean Goose
3 of 6 birds about the marsh.
Flew up with Pink-foot flock but kept separate and landed near the favoured pipes,
 the Pink-foot flock settled on Cantley Marshes

Saturday, 4 January 2020

20191207 Whooper Swan, North Point Pools. 20200104 Cley Marhses 20191228 Bewick's Swan Chooseley

20191207 Whooper Swan
Before sunrise, North Point Pools Wells.
5 adults and 5 1st winters.
20191207Whooper Swan
Flew on West just after sunrise.

20200104 Whooper Swan 
 Group of 4 adults Pat's Pool Cley.

20200104 Whooper Swan
4 birds on Pat's all afternoon.

20191228 Bewick's Swan
10 birds SW and one out of frame.
Note Greylag Goose with migrants here... 

Saturday, 14 December 2019

20191214 Kingjfisher at Daukes, 20191001 Kingfisher Cley next the Sea on high spring tide

20191001 Kingfisher
Male on sluice near village at height of tide.
No over topping this morning, only light wind.

20191001 Kingfisher

20191204 Kingfisher
Female successfully fishing in dyke by Daukes at dusk.

20191214 Kingfisher
Female now regular at dusk putting on a show for the Gullers.
Shot half an hour after dark, ISO6400, F8, 1/8sec, -1.0EV.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

20191202 Eurasian Eagle Owl Winterton-on-Sea

20191202 Eurasian Eagle Owl
Roosting in beech in grounds of care home.
Very tame but would not come down to a falconer with chicks.
Manager of home not happy with birders along the drive....

20191202 Eurasian Eagle Owl
I found that bird could be seen from a side road to west of care home, 
so moved the twitch here away from the entrance, and small minded manager.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

20191130 Goosander & Coal Tit Selbrigg Pond

20191130 Goosander
 2, 1st winter birds on a mist covered pond early morn.

20191201 Goosander
Birds in better light at midday.

20191130 Coal Tit
Seeds put out for birds here.
20191201 Mute Swan
5 Cygnets still doing well this year. Down from 6...