Wednesday 15 February 2023

20230215 Siberian Lesser Whitethroat, Sheringham


20230215 Siberian Lesser Whitethroat
No blueish grey tones in hood, rather charcoal grey...
No orange buff edging or wing panel...
S c ....

20230215 Siberian Lesser Whitethoat
Twigg focusing.
Features of this bird are not conclusive with current thinking...

20210511 Lesser Whitethroat
S c curruca

20110702 Lesser Whitethroat
S c curruca

20200519 Lesser Whitethroat
S c curruca

Monday 13 February 2023

20230213 Taiga Bean Goose & Swans, St Benet's Abbey


20230213 Taiga Bean Goose
Party of 12.

20230213 Taiga Bean Goose
White blaze patch on one bird.

20230213 Taiga Bean Goose
Greylag in forground note paler brown upperparts and head.

20230213 Bewick's Swan & Whooper Swan

20230213 Mallard
Female with much white feathering suggesting cross with Aylesbury Duck
resulting in Gargeney face pattern.

Friday 10 February 2023

20230210 Mediterranean Gull & Caspian Gull, NENorfolk pig farms


20230210 Med Gull
1st winter.

20230210 Med Gull
Adult winter.

20230210 Caspian Gull
Hybrid adult...?
Legs coloured by mud and tibia rather short.

20230210 Caspian Gull
Hybrid adult...?

20230220 argentatus Herring Gull
Mirror fused with tip on P10, large mirror on P9 and minimal black in hand.

20230220 argentatus Herring Gull
Upperparts 4KGS, argenteus 2KGS.

20230210 Caspian Gull
Short billed female??
Small rounded head good for female Caspian.
Mid brownish grey uperparts compared to argenteus here, also very good...

20230301 Med Gull
One of two adults in with 2000 BHGull and 400 CGull following muck spreading.

20230302 Black-headed Gull
3500 on plough. 

20230219 Med Gull
Maturing hood better than above bird.

Friday 3 February 2023

20230203 Meally Redpoll & Siskin, Glaven Valley


20230203 Meally Redpoll
Hefty bird with single pin in under-tail coverts.

20230203 Meally Redpoll
Broken tramlines on mantle.
Excellent remiges edging, white and bold.

202302005 E Sparrowhawk
Finch's galore.

20230206 Hawfinch
2 birds speedily dropped down by river in Finch Valley.

20230208 E Siskin

20230208 E Siskin

20230209 E Siskin 

20230211 Brambling
H&O Trust SculMoor

20230204 Coal Tit
Birds froze in agressive head-up posture at food source, SculMoor.
Upper bird shows darker mantle and higher contrast in wing suggesting male...

20230211 Siskin