Saturday 16 March 2024

20240316 Long-billed Dowitcher, NWT Cley. The return


20240316 Long-billed Dowitcher

20240316 Spoonbill
Return to reserve also and move straight into NFWood.
The results of drone flights are awaited....

20240408 LbDowitcher
Pale orange feathering appearing in flanks and belly.

20240408 LbDowitcher
On Simmonds by hide.
Gave diagnostic high pitched 'Kyip' call, quiet and relaxed in this instance.
OM1's dynamic range against strong light is rather good....
First Gropper briefly reeled this morning on the Skirts.

20240409 Avocet
Pairs showing great interest in Bishop's Island.
Blue flag AE over yellow lt leg.
Blue flag C1 also seen on Pats.

20240410 LbDowitcher

20240310 LbDowitcher

20240424 Long-billed Dowitcher
Full breeding plumage attained.

Tuesday 12 March 2024

20240312 White-tailed Sea Eagle, Cockthorpe Airfield


20240313 WtSEagle
Metal ring coated in orange plastic...

20240313 WtSEagle
Tracked bird and re-located standing in a stream for early morn refreshment, following a
breakfast of lagomorph remains....
A moment frozen in time. Then lift off...

20240313 WtSEagle

20240313 WtSEagle

20240312 W-tSEagle
The ultimate Eagle shot in heavy rain with tail spray...

20240303 White-tailed Sea Eagle
Juvenile that had a wind turbine accident in the Netherlands, August last year.
Ringed and spent 6 weeks in care.
Has spent the winter in N Suffolk and has relocated to the NNorfolk coast.
Left leg: black ring with white code WN above 88.
Right leg: Metal ring.
Seen S of Glandford 2/3(SG)(photo showing code).
Cley Marshes 4/3.

Friday 8 March 2024

20240308 Rustic Bunting & Redpoll, Helhoughton Set-aside


19980927 Rustic Bunting
Fair Isle.
By the 3rd of October the flock had built up to 16, largest ever in the British Isles...

20240308 Rustic Bunting

20240326 Redpoll
Bird with yellow ochre face and upper breast... back shot.

20240326 Redpoll
... front shot.

20240326 Mealy Redpoll

20240326 Firecrest
Lynford Arboretum

20240401 Coues's Arctic Redpoll
Pink rump of male Mealy shows. 

20240401 Coues's Arctic Redpoll