Saturday 27 February 2021

20210227 Adder basking, Norfolk Heathland


Surprised to find several hibernacula now widely publicised on social media...??
Pressure from massed local dog walking here...
The coup de grace will be spread of housing developments over the site.

20210227 Adder Vipera berus & Ladybird
Basking near hibernacula, flattening body to catch early morns rays.

20210227 Adder
Fang shot and mouth exercises.

20210227 Adder
If bitten seek medical attention.
A timely reminder to get vaccinated for everything...

20210227 Adder
Forked tongue shot, note V-shaped head pattern and stripe to eye.

202010227 Adder
Snakes moved with ease through the gorse bushes up to a metre from the ground.