Monday 23 June 2014

20140623 NWT Cley Beach CP attendant day

Avocet pair attempt to escort chick to Eye Field Pool across the beach road but then went onto the Salt Marsh.
Prior to this other chicks have been 'helped' across the road.

Little Gull. 1st summer bird with Gull and Tern feeding flock off CP. Attracted many fisherman in the afternoon.
  • Half a hood and lack of grey on nape as in 1st winter.
  • Wings as 1st winter but tail band almost lost. Note black in outer tail feather but tail appeared wholly white through bins (and not diamond shaped Matt).
Little Gull 1st summer. Bird flew off East.

Common Tern. 1st or 2nd summer bird. Require more shots of this bird.

Slightly more side on than above.

  • Red base to black bill and white forehead indicate immature bird.
  • Also off white under-parts rather than pale grey at this time of year.
  • Dark trailing edge of primaries diagnostic for Common Tern.
  • Once known as portlandica as highlighted by Trevor. Ref: Rob Hume, The Common Tern, page 26.

Shot East from CP, Skelding Hill with lookout station and Beeston Bump beyond Sherringham.
  • Spoonbill 14 on reserve late afternoon flew around and down on cricketfield.
  • Glossy Ibis 4 seen over Weybourne going West but didn't appear over Cley...

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