Sunday 2 April 2017

20170402 Stonechat Kelling Heath, colour ringed

History of the bird:- Orange/Green; Black/Metal ring no.Z057442;
Nestling 4/4; Home Heath, King's Forest; TL823731; 03/05/2016
Not reported previously so the ringer is especially pleased to learn she
has survived and potentially breeding.

Fortunately saved this shot which clearly shows black ring over the metal, not obvious in previous shot.
She has paired with a very bright black and white male on the Heath.
And by the end of May, John Wagstaff says that the C-R female Stonechat  from Thetford Forest that nested on Kelling Heath had at least three youngsters fledge successfully from her first brood.
1st summer female Stonechat
Kelling Heath
Many thanks to Stonecahat consultant Noel Elms.

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