Tuesday, 17 April 2018

20180417 Olympus E-M1 MkII & Marsh Harrier RSPB Titchwell

The proof of the pudding....
David Tipling with his new Olympus E-M1 u4/3 gear, handheld.
Side by side comparison with a similar spec Nikon system, on monopod.
Which would you prefer to carry dawn to dusk?
Marsh Harrier
Mature Alpha female and dark male low over study area.

Marsh Harrier
Alpha female
Marsh Harrier
Female over study area on 14th April.
Marsh Harrier
Mature Alpha male low over study area.
Bright tri-coloured and in tail moult, or has he been shot at?
Marsh Harrier inner primary, 250mm.
Found by the study area 20180424.
Female triggers wing moult when on eggs.

Marsh Harrier primary feathers.

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