Saturday, 23 May 2020

20200521 The Walsey Hills Hedge

20200521 Walsey Hills end.
5m on west side of hedge removed.
Removed in mid May...??
Making way for fencing, hunting and shooting...?
RSPB survey on game shooting; I guessed at 10 million gamebirds dumped in the British countryside...
Turns out its over 57 million?! Its rumoured 20% in TG04.

20200521 The Hangs end.
10m metres wide hedge removed leaving thin strip of Alexander.
How many Whitethroat nest were wiped out?
How has this helped our carbon footprint and re-wilding of the Cley Square?

20140423 Walsey Hills from The Hangs
A lush and wide hedge in late April 2014... now no more??
20130922 Red-backed Shrike
Frequented the hedge for several days in autumn of 2013.
Many birds first landfall in the Hills are relocated up this hedge line.
20181012 Redstart
Autumn migrant deep in the hedgerow.
20181012 Red-legged Partridge
Here is part of the issue, gamebirds on the footpath beside hedgerow and avoiding the guns.
11 of 57million dumped in the countryside each autumn.... 

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