Friday, 31 December 2021

20211231 Horned Lark Holkham beach, Cattle Egret Wells


20211231 Horned Lark
One bird hiding in flock of 25 Snow Bunting.
Birds going down in strange ropped off area behind the dunes with signs claiming breeding birds....
Horeds of people around the perimetre and horeds of dogs running all over...

20211231 Horned Lark
4 birds flew into ropped off area.
Talked with 4 twitchers from way out of county, all complained over car park charges in 
completely full Lady Anns drive....

20211231 Horned Lark
Photo op, against the low winter light.

20211231 Cattle Egret
By main road in horse paddock and relatively tame, Wells-Next-The-Sea.

20211231 Cattle Egret
Faint orange buff tinge to forehead. A dusting.
Bill darkens at distal end despite dark earth, probably a first winter bird from the Holkham Freshes 

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