Saturday, 21 May 2022

20220521 Golden Oriole Muckleburgh Hill


20220521 Golden Oriole
imm male as no streaking on breast and yellow underwing coverts...?
Shots all of one bird circling the Hill.
1st flyby shots of this species migrating along coast.

20220521 Golden Oriole
 Photo record of coastal passage from the last few days.
Bird sang from 3 sides of Hill and a further 2 birds arrived at the site.

20220521 Golden Oriole
Black lores of male developing.

20220521 Golden Oriole
Height maintained on closed wings, not undulating.

20220521 Linnet

19930613 Golden Oriole
2 marauding males in mid June, Pigs Nose Valley, Devon.
From the days of pen and wash field sketches...

20220521 The whole world and his dog
turns up these days, after early bird news...

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