Wednesday, 24 August 2022

20220824 Lesser Black-backed Gull 'JH37J' & Caspian Gull 6.2 Red, Cley Marshes


20220824 LBB Gull
Juvenile with black darvik 'JH37J', Simmonds scrape roost.
Small headed snouty look of Caspo, also slight ventral bulge.

20220824 LBB Gull
Dark well notched tertials.
Large bird compared to ad LBB's at roost.

Gull colour ringing in Norway (3)
Last CR-Code Black ring with white code: JH37J LBM;RBNW(JH37J)
Ringing Centre Stavanger Museum (Norway) Ring number 4302072
Species Lesser Black-backed Gull  Larus fuscus Map Map
Upload picture29.06 2022Observers pull  Colour mark addedGauselholmen, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway58°54'20"N 005°44'55"E-------------
Upload picture25.08 2022Observers Additional information Colour mark already presentCromer, Norfolk, Great Britain52°55'18"N 001°18'05"E57721 Map
Upload picture25.08 2022Observers ad  Additional information Colour mark already presentCley Marshes, Norfolk, Great Britain52°57'40"N 001°03'49"E57722 Map
P8240658.02.jpgPhotograph: Tom Whiley
Simmonds scrape roost. c30 adult LBB intermedius type.

20220824 Hooded Crow
Warham Greens pig farm.

20220802 Hobby
Hunting over scrapes.
cf OM1 shots...

20220802 Caspian Gull
Juv Red 6.2 right tibia from colony in the Netherlands.
See post 20210926, F.E tibia, juv Caspian...

Juv Red 6.2

20220803 Herring Gull
Cromer Beach

20220815 Pied Flycatcher
1st aut Stiffkey

20220815 Spotted Crake
Snipes Marsh Cley.

20220815 Spotted Crake
Golden tertails.

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