Tuesday, 24 January 2023

20230124 Bearded Reedling, Blakeney Freshes


20230124 Bearded Reedling
Ran into flock of 14 avidly feeding on seed heads in clump of reed.

20230124 Bearded Reedling
Surely Moustached Reedling?

20230124 Bearded Reedling
Female with uniform crown.

20230124 Bearded Reedling
Female variant or 1st winter, with lateral crown stripes, dark lores and dull bill.
Bird also showed minimal dark streaks in mantle.

20230124 Hen Harrier
Female hunting pipit over salt marsh.
Erroneous sightings of Pallid abound...

20230108 Barn Owl
Hunting Blakeney Freshes.
x1.4 telecom due to dull day.

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