Saturday, 23 March 2019

20190206 Peregrine Falcon Cromer Church

20190413 Cromer Parish Church and war memorial.
North Norfolk's first Peregrine Falcon eyrie...?

20190413 Peregrine & Feral Pigeon.
Atop Cromer Church Spires against early morning light.

20190206 Peregrine
Tercel surveying Cromer for pray items.
About 30 Feral Pigeon still about the tower??
20190206 Peregrine
The pair have been reported on site 17th March after going missing for a couple of weeks.
20190323 Peregrine
Male atop church tower. Pair have returned hopefully to nest.
Olympus 75-300mm MKII from RAW, cf f4 prime above.

20190323 Peregrine
Female atop church tower spire. Probable descendants of the Norwich Cathedral birds, hence the choice of religious monument and fixation on Feral Pigeons as the main prey source....
As yet hunting has not been witnessed over the sea.
Noted only 4 Feral Pigeons on tower today....
Olympus 75-300mm MKII from RAW.
20190404 Peregrine
Tercel grooming on North side of tower. Hopefully the falcon is on the nest.
Only 5 Feral Pigeons sitting on East side of tower.
20181231 Peregrine Falcon 
1st winter bird seen hunting about the Cley reserve this winter.
Adult birds no frequently seen in this area which is 16km from Cromer.

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