Tuesday, 16 July 2019

20190716 Little Ringed Plover NWT Cley VC Car Park

20190716 Little Ringed Plover
NWT Cley Marshes VC car park.

Early on the morn of 20th June I was flagged down by the warden on my way into the Cley Marshes Reserve and advised that Little Ringed Plover appeared to be nesting in the main car park. He had been alerted the previous afternoon that adults were about the car park and two eggs had been laid.

Upon inspection this morning two cool eggs were still in a shallow scrape of dried stems but the adults were nowhere to be seen. The species normally lays four eggs before incubation commences so things could develop either way.  Much to his and NWT's credit the warden proceeded to rope off this section of the car park.
By the 22nd four eggs had been laid, an adult was securely sitting on the nest and even more of the parking bays were roped off! Over the next  few weeks public interest grew and grew even to rival that of the Cromer peregrines.

Working on a three week incubation period I made a diary note to check for hatching early morn from the 14th July onwards. On 16th July synchronous hatching duly occurred see above, all four chicks were mobile by midmorning.  A great success story for all involved.

20190716 Little Ringed Plover
2 chicks had hatched early morning.

20190716 LRP
Male patiently waiting nearby on the much maligned car bay logs.

20190716 LRP
First chick and first to go walk about.

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