Saturday, 10 April 2021

20210410 Meadow Pipit & Yellow Wagtail Kelling Water Meadows


Re-visiting the variability in Mipit for at least the 5th time...
2 high contrast and colourful birds at KWM.
Features required for the disputed form A p whistleri were not seen on either bird.
Note jpeg compression smudges out fine feather detail about the head,
causing a greyed out appearance seen on many tweeted LoRes shots of this bird.

20210410 Meadow Pipit
Pair together
Prince of orange at rear.
 Note range of base flush does not extend onto flanks in either bird.

20210410 Meadow Pipit
Prince of orange head on, blimey...

20210410 Meadow Pipit
2nd bird paired with the prince of orange.
Showed very pale orange flush to breast & throat as in the prince, but not so intense of tone.

20150427 Meadow Pipit
KWM April 2015, Classic spring plumage.

201804 Meadow Pipit
Matt Knott Orcombe Point in April 2018.
Similar bib and throat area with whiter flanks.
Strong tramlines and wing-bars.

20210419 Meadow Pipit
Prince of Orange still here and paired on 19th.

20210419 Yellow Wagtail
2 males about pool.

20210419 Yellow Wagtail
Heat haze issue at midday.

20210430 White Wagtail

20210430 White Wagtail

20190315 White Wagtail
KWM March 2019.
Minimal raw umber tint in tertials.

20210410 Meadow Pipit
Prince of Orange head on the orange tint was at its brightest.

20210514 Meadow Pipit
Ion Road. 1st blogshot with MKII...
Note Naples Yellow throat patch fades into upper breast.

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