Friday, 23 April 2021

20210423 Ring Ouzel & Barn Owl, Hindolveston


20210423 Barn Owl
Protesting to the naked ape.
'Give Way to re-wilding in Norfolk'... or is it too late?
A few ancient hedges and fields in the Hindolveston area...

20210423 Barn Owl

20210423 Ring Ouzel
2 males of 7 on private pitch and putt field, packed with wild flowers.
Not as a commercial GC...

20210423 Ring Ouzel
5 birds down together, only one browner female type in flock.
Also one Fieldfare associating with Ouzels.
Pair of Mistle Thrush and several Songs put in an appearance.
The local Blackbirds were somewhat rattled.

20210423 Fieldfare
More thickset and stocky than the often slim looking Ouzels.
Flock of 27 in April 2019. Seen to fly off to the SE??
Flocks often going ESE in North Norfolk in spring suggesting they cross North Sea back into Europe,
and then head Northwards...?

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